1. Santa Cruz #skate #skatepark #cali

    Santa Cruz #skate #skatepark #cali

  2. Wow! Somewhere near Monterey

    Wow! Somewhere near Monterey

  3. Babies and puppies are small. So are dimes and Skittles. You’re a fucking woman. A woman! You are entitled to occupy as much fucking space as you like with your awesomeness, and you better be suspicious as fuck of anybody who tells you differently.
    Why, ladies? Why must we continue to whittle ourselves down? Who is it for? What is it for? You can walk through a certain aisle at the pharmacy or at the grocery store and see the language of diminishment all over the packaging for weight loss aids of all kinds. “Shrink your waist.” “Lose inches off your thighs.” “Slim down.” “Get skinny.”

    How about “Grow your mind.” “Increase your confidence and productivity.” “Beef up your knowledge.” “Enlarge your scope of asskicking.”

    That’s a valid message for women and girls: grow, expand, branch out, open up, get bigger, wider, faster, stronger, better, smarter. Go up not down. Get strong, not skinny.

    You are not here to get smaller. You are not here to have a thin waist and thighs. You are not here to disappear. You’re here to change the world! Change the fucking world, then! Forget about “losing a few pounds.” Think about what you could be gaining instead.

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    nothing is like getting ate out with no pressure to have sex afterwards

    god bless guys who eat just to eat



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    Can you hear the ocean? Originally these Galapagos island animals were illustrated for the awesome non-profit Phylo Games for their Darwin deck of playing cards.

    Now they are also available to you as art prints here: https://www.etsy.com/listing/193280227/galapagos-sea-life-art-print-deal?ref=shop_home_active_1

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Erik Thor Sandberg


    Erik Thor Sandberg

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Painting by Michelle Devereux

If mourners-bench and Gino did art together


    Painting by Michelle Devereux

    If mourners-bench and Gino did art together

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The mushroom which crowds by aki


    The mushroom which crowds by aki

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  13. On top of a waterfall 🌀

    On top of a waterfall 🌀


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