Gone to the woods and never coming back.
  • Today I could breathe through my nose again so I went on little adventure with a pal and took a ride in a ferry

  • Ferry riding ghosts

  • Took this pal to a very special #twinpeaks spot today

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  • alicecarrier:

    a peek at a cover-up in progress on my friend carson.  <3

    This is the artist I’ve been looking for…. super great with the botanical stuff. Cover me!

  • ohheyimheather:

    Yes! The caption was “look good, feel good.” #bowling #timehop

    was that night for real a year ago? Crazyyyyyy

  • misandrwitch:

    Hands up if large groups of aggressively loud white boys in your vicinity freak you out

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  • tealepath:

    my hair is sort of a faded neon green but it has some really weird tones in it


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  • Hi... I'm anon cuz I don't have tumblr. But I found your page one day, and followed since -- I asked about patriarchy some time back. Your repost of the thing that says that negative thing about white male experience... I am of that breed, but wish sometimes something positive could be said to bring all sides together. Can you say that?


    sure, i’m glad someone can benefit from the devastating blow of systematic oppression at the expense of minorities so they can maintain their cash flow for flip flops and macklemore cds

  • @jamievulva

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    all natueral

    Cowboy take me away

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    Halloween night

    Oh my god god god god god

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  • I wanna make messes now

  • ohheyimheather:

    7 of these please.

    Those little shorts tho.

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